Introducing Zeed

9 Mar 2022

Our mission is simple, enable people to make confident financial decisions, specifically focusing on investment. Brokerage apps are all too similar, we'll give you the infrastructure to trade, but after that, you're on your own. We want the investment journey for people to be different, and to build a product that is fit for purpose. We want to democratise financial markets, giving everybody a fair chance at accessing the most powerful tools of wealth generation. With Zeed, we can all access digestible, trustworthy information through short-form videos, guided by experts in industry.

What is Zeed

Zeed is a video-driven investing app that aims to empower the next generation of investors. We found that the primary barrier to investing for young people is information, and want to solve this by delivering short 60s educational videos produced by professionals in the finance industry, paired with trade execution. The aim is to create a new digital investment experience where information comes first and the ability to trade is seamless.

Who is Zeed for

We want our platform to be a safe and accessible place for all people. We focus on those that are very early in their journey within investing, and naturally, that is for younger audiences (aka Gen-Z). Whether you have yet to buy your first stock or have been investing, trading or otherwise deep in Finance, Zeed is a new way to approach investing.

When are you launching

We will start onboarding our first users in Q2 2022. Over the next few weeks, we’ll start talking in more detail about what we’re building and how you can benefit so stay tuned and spread the word. Widening access to sustainable wealth growth is worth fighting for and we’d love your help. If you're a curious investor, please follow us on Twitter, join our Discord or spread the word on your favourite podcast, newsletter or platform of choice. For the most ambitious, please consider joining our team.

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