Why Video

10 Mar 2022

With the rise of short form video, we’ve identified engagement rates amongst this format as being a key driver for more individuals engaging with financial content and building the confidence to make informed investments. Our video content is here to help support our users on their journey to financial independence, 60-seconds at a time!

How do we do it?

Our verified content creators work closely with our team of content specialists to deliver best in class videos to help level the investing playing field. We make sure we extensively fact check everything in our videos – down to the last word and edit. We as a company are fully aware of the negative repercussions financial misinformation can have, with entire livelihoods at stake. Existing short form video platforms struggle to filter such content, and we believe that quality>quantity.

No matter what stage you’re at in your investment journey or the investment strategy you’ve adopted – you can explore hundreds of different topics to find content suited to you. Whether you’re someone who wants a brief summary of what’s happening in the financial world without all the jargon used by traditional outlets or someone who’s looking to form an ESG criteria to make a positive impact with their investments. When someone mentions financial content we want you to think Zeed!

How can you support us?

A key driver of our content is our community – you are at the heart of our content production and we want to create a seamless process where you go from idea to investment. If you’re wanting us to simplify a financial concept for you, provide coverage of a particular stock or discuss new trends taking over the investing space, then all you have to do is let us know. Our team of experts across finance and media are at your fingertips.

For anything content related, drop me an email at rohan@joinzeed.com!

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