Better Social and Favourites 🤝

30 Jun 2022

We rolled out some social features such as comments and likes in the initial release but people wanted some richer functionality, so we've delivered!

💬 Getting Social

We've now added the functionality to reply to comments in threads, liking comments and having this reflected on the main feed through showing total likes and comments.

🌟 Favourites

You can now add stocks to your favourites, which is shown in the stock list page. We're on the way to making the app more personal, and collecting this information will help in making the app experience just right for each individual user. We also know that it's useful to save helpful videos to go back to later, so we've added this feature in too. Both of these are shown in the new User tab.

😳 Default avatars

If it wasn't for a random bug we probably wouldn't have done this, but for some people during onboarding the default avatar was showing up as empty so people weren't setting one. We've now added a randomise feature… and we had a lot of fun seeing the different combinations that came up!

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