Expanding Stocks & Teasing Crypto 🏝

17 Jun 2022

The first version had a lot of roads that led to nowhere (we were still building where they were going). This was fine as the core bit we were trying to understand was the interaction with the primary aspect of the app which is, of course, the videos themselves.

πŸ’Ό Expanding Stocks

In this weeks update, we added in a screen to show more information about a company. This includes a brief description of the company, some latest news and financial metrics about it. We're going to be expanding this feature as we continue building the app, but seeing as we had access to the data already and people wanted it there, we thought it made sense to add it now and build on it later. Enjoy!

🀐 Teasing Crypto

We also added the functionality to see information about a crypto. For now it's just the price data, but soon we'll beef it out like we did for the Stock Screens.

πŸ”Ž Search

We've added in search functionality for videos, and stocks. This is kind of essential but it sadly got left off the first version as it wasn't quite working. Crypto search coming soon…

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