Personalisation ✨

9 Aug 2022

Introducing ✨ Personalisation ✨

Algorithm is becoming a dirty word. But don't worry, we're not spying on you or anything. It basically just means that you get shown content you're actually interested in and that will be helpful for you.

Why? 🧐

If you're a total beginner, we don't wanna show you the most complex videos about the depths of the cryptosphere… likewise, if you're a crypto pro, we don't wanna show you our "What is an NFT?" content 😳

How? ⚙️

Creating a personalisation algorithm is a complex task and there are hundreds of different ways to go about it. To get it right we had to do some serious research and ask some experts. From score-based systems to the spartan world of statistics and machine learning, we found a solution that would work just right for you.

Try it Out 📲

This is the first time personalisation of content has been done in the finance space, so it's pretty exciting. Try it out for yourself - we'll show you the content you want to see, driven by the content you already like to see.

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