The Feed just got a facelift 💅

25 Nov 2022

We’ve just released a shiny new update to the main video feed to make your experience using Zeed even better. Here’s what’s new:

Creators in the Spotlight

We wouldn’t have a platform if it wasn’t for our creators – so we’ve made the creator’s name and image more prominent on each video, so the viewer can instantly see who its by, and access the rest of their content in one tap.

Related Assets

Most videos on Zeed are centered around specific companies or assets, so there’s always been the option to tap and explore the company or asset further to get the latest about it – but it wasn’t that clear. 

We’ve redesigned this feature and brought it to the core feed to make it unmissable, after all, this is one of the most important features on the app.

Bye, Saved Videos

We’re always looking to add new features to enhance the Zeed experience, but we’re also just as keen to remove features that don’t serve a real purpose. Therefore, we’ve combined saved and liked videos into one. You can access them through your profile.


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