The First (public) Version 😳

24 Aug 2022

So, you’ve waited long enough. People have quite literally been begging us to let them download the app, and there wasn't really anything stopping us. So, we released it - the first publicly available version of Zeed! We’re not saying it’s done and dusted - it’s only the beginning, but we want to hear what you think! From here, we’ll make adjustments based on your experience.

Speed ⚡️

A lot of the things we changed before pushing this version were in regards to the onboarding experience, and general speed of the app. It's far snappier and responsible compared with the first few versions (thanks to pre-fetching and optimisations), which a few people found annoying.

Dark Mode 🌘

Calling all night owls: our app is now available in beautiful dark mode. 🤩 Let us know which colour scheme you prefer!

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