The First Version 🐣

3 Jun 2022

Everyone has their own idea of what a 'first version' is. For some it's a landing page, for others it's an interactive demo. For us, it's our app.

Our core product is being able to access video content about finance in a TikTok-style feed, being able to view more information about a specific stock, and then investing. The last part of that is going take a bit of time, but we're making a head start by tacking the first two in the meantime.

🍿 The Feed

A reverse-chronological feed of video content, with a managed backend by us where we work closely with our early content creators to produce verified, fully checked videos. The ability to like, comment and share a video, primarily focusing on stocks and ETFs.

📈 The Stock Screen

A page that shows everything you need to know about a specific stock. Including the company name and ticker, price for the past week, and all the latest videos we have about that company.

💸 The Stock List

A list of the most active stocks in the past 24h: a different way of accessing latest stocks outside of the feed.

🔎 The Discover Screen

Browse videos by category. The ones we're starting with are Market Updates, Public Companies, Cryptos, Private Companies and Concepts.

This is our first launch - there will be bugs, and we want to hear all about them. Please let us know at, or take a screenshot and send it to us in-app using Intercom! Until the next update, happy testing 🥳

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