Your Creators 🖖

13 Jul 2022

Our creators are what makes Zeed different, they're here to keep you in the loop, up to date and educated on what's going on - so we want you to get to know them a little better ❤️

Follow Creators 💎

You can now follow creators by tapping their name on the bottom left of each video! Very soon we'll give you the ability to interact more closely with your creators … watch this space! 📺

Creator Bios 📝

Want to know why you should trust that dashing face on your screen? Tap the creator's name on the bottom left of each video and you can read a short bio. Still want to know more? Give them a quick google, all of our creators are verified finance professionals.

Verified Videos ✅

What happens before a new video goes live on Zeed? We sit down together as a team and watch it to make sure it's 100% facts, entertaining and passes the vibe check. To prove it, we've introduced a verified tick so you know what you're watching has been thoroughly vetted. Click the tick to read more!

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